4 Factors To Keep In Mind When Your Car Breaks Down

4 Factors To Keep In Mind When Your Car Breaks Down

Nobody can predict when their car is going to break down. But when it does happen, there are certain things you want to focus on and keep in mind. They are:

1. Take Note Of Traffic

In the unfortunate event of having your car break down while on the road, your priority should be to get to the side of the road. This is even more important when you are stuck in a section that makes it difficult for traffic to see you in time. Regardless of whether the car breaks down on a busy or small and quiet road, move it to the shoulder by any means possible. If this means pushing the car, turn and keep the steering wheel directed to the side. Also, try to make your car visible by using your hazards or placing traffic cones.

2. Consider Smoke A Warning

When smoke is coming from the hood of the car, it does not necessarily mean the car is going to catch fire. With modern cars, this is a highly unlikely situation. But stay cautious, seeing as you are unable to pinpoint the problem. If there is smoke, don’t take any risks. Just step away from the car and call a professional instead.

3. Do Not Just Exist The Car

In most cases, it is best to wait inside the vehicle until a tow-truck arrives. Unless the situation makes it dangerous, like lots of smoke escaping from the engine, think about staying put. Especially when you are stuck in a high-traffic situation. You do not want to put yourself at risk by standing around areas where cars are moving fast and constantly.

Right now, the danger of surrounding traffic might not sound too serious. But when the scenario happens, it quickly becomes clear why you should always look out for traffic, as pointed out in the beginning.

4. Avoid Repairs Next To The Road

There are several reasons why repairs at the side of the road are not recommended. For instance, you will not be focused on traffic, which leaves you vulnerable and compromises your safety. Secondly, even if you have experience with minor repairs, do you have the right tools at hand? Because you risk causing more damage to the vehicle if you do not drive around with your tools. Unless the problem isn’t common like replacing a flat tire, stay in the car and let professionals at Leahy’s Towing handle it. Give us a call and let us help you with your car needs.

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