5 Reasons to Think About Buying Your Next Used Vehicle at a Lien Auction Through a Towing Company

5 Reasons to Think About Buying Your Next Used Vehicle at a Lien Auction

A great way to get a good used car at a terrific price is to buy it at a towing company’s lien sale. Towing companies have to get rid of the vehicles that are impounded but never claimed by the owner. These companies hold lien sales for this purpose. Here are five reasons to consider buying at these sales:

1) Save Money

The biggest benefit is you can get a decent vehicle for a low price. You can often get a vehicle for much less than you would pay a private seller or a dealer. This is why people who have strict budgets should think about buying at a lien sale.

2) Plenty of Choices

You can choose from a wide variety of vehicles and makes. Find name brands like Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, BMW, Toyota or Mercedes Benz. Choose from vans, cars, and SUVs.

3) Vehicles are Sold in Good Condition

An impounded vehicle may be in great shape especially if the owner maintained it well. Don’t assume that vehicles sold at these sales are beat-up. Many are in good condition and have low mileage.

4) Towing Companies Have Consistent Quality

When a towing company sells vehicles, it knows how to describe them and offer them at appropriate prices. You will be bidding on cars and trucks that you can see for yourself before making an offer. You cannot test drive the vehicle before you bid on it or buy it but you can see it and know whether it is worth it for you to make an offer. Typically, you will pay a fraction of what you might pay through a dealership. Do your best to research the vehicle or vehicles that interest you before you place your bid.

5) Some Towing Companies offer Recourse on Vehicles that Are Faulty

Buy a car from a towing company that has a deal where buyers can recover their funds if the vehicle turns out to be in bad shape. Not every towing company offers a guarantee on a vehicle’s condition but if you find a company that does, consider yourself lucky. You can bet that if you go home with one of the vehicles and it causes you problems you can return the car and get your money back. This makes buying a vehicle at an auction less risky. Consider buying your next car at a lien sale for the above reasons! Leahy’s Towing can give you more info on this type of auction. Call us today!

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