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Automotive Suspension Services

Automotive Suspension Services

Our car repair shop offers a wide variety of maintenance services through specialized technicians to ensure maximum performance and functionality of your vehicle. If you want to receive the best repair and replacement services for car suspensions, then this is your workshop.

The car suspension is a system that allows the use of mechanical torsional forces to dampen and soften the movement of the vehicle. It is responsible for connecting the wheels to the car chassis through a system of metal springs to allow fluid movement between them. The suspension supports the bodywork and is capable of assimilating and absorbing the changes generated by the irregularities of the terrain preventing damage to it.

We know that the suspension is a system consisting of various metallic and elastic elements that aim to maintain control of the vehicle when hitting potholes or objects. That way, it will prevent permanent deformations and so that the car does not lose its grip on the ground. This shock absorber system contains many articulations and pivot points, allowing the wheels of your vehicle to move up and down over the potholes and rotate while driving.

Elements of the car suspension

Shock absorbers: They allow for breaking the oscillations generated by the irregularities of the terrain to protect the car body. The shock absorbers are responsible for transforming the mechanical energy of the spring into heat energy.

Helical springs: They are elements that work at torsion shortening its length and returning to its original position when the deformation ceases. Its flexibility depends on the number of turns, the diameter of the spring and the material.

Stabilizer bar: It is formed by an openly bent steel bar that avoids the inclination produced when a car takes the curves with a lot of speed. That way, it prevents the vehicle from tipping over.

Torsion bar: It is used in independent rear and front suspensions of some cars. It is a spring that splices the axes of the suspension to reduce the displacement of the chassis due to the turns. That is, the torsion bar reduces oscillations to provide more excellent driving stability.

Crossbow: These are elements that have elastic properties but little absorption of mechanical energy. They are a series of steel sheets joined by clamps to reduce tensions and deformations.

Other elements are ball joints, brackets, suspension arms, etc.

Like anything else in the world, car suspension systems and each of their elements wear out over time. There are times when you can suddenly start hearing strange noises, and your vehicle begins to present problems when driving. Tire wear, due to the continuous rebound over irregular terrain, is another problem usually presented. Besides, one of the most delicate issues that can arise is when the joint is released and does not fit properly, causing faster wear of the other elements of the suspension. All these inconveniences are treated thanks to the specialized technicians at Leahy’s Towing. We will inspect your vehicle and identify any suspension problems to determine a change or repair of a particular component. If you have any of these problems, you should solve them immediately as it could be dangerous when driving.

We can help you solve any problem of the suspension or the vehicle in general at affordable prices and so you can have a safe car. Call us and schedule a free inspection.