Basic Vehicle Troubleshooting

Basic Vehicle Troubleshooting

Basic Vehicle Troubleshooting

1. Tire Check-Up – it is very important or every car owner to do a check-up on tires before driving the car, e.g. looking at the treads.

Car manufactures advise car owners to have their tires rotated after every 10,000 miles

2. Battery Check-up – There is one certain thing, your car battery will face its own death, but you don’t want is the battery dying when you are in the middle of a trip or doing something important. To avoid such problems, you should regularly check your battery.

3. Engine Check-up – A dead battery is usually the first one to get blamed when the car engine stops working. There are other problems that can result from a vehicle not being properly maintained. This is an area where troubleshooting helps a lot. If you are not comfortable with depth repair, i.e having to go under the hood of the car to replace plugs or repairing or replacing an electrical fuse, then you should get help from a mechanic in order to solve the issues.

A Smoking Engine

If things are worse and you start smelling anything burning or smoke coming out of your car when you are driving, you should pull over to a safe side before doing anything else, then turning off the engine, and if possible, power accessories, open the hood of your car, take the keys and get out of the car immediately.

Lack of maintenance can sometimes cause a smoky engine. The thermostat could be sticking or the coolant has run out. You can prevent a smoking engine through proper maintenance.

Leaking Fluids

Getting into a minor accident is tolerable, but if there are fluids leaking from the car, you might want to get the source of the leak. Fluids are there to make the vehicle run smoothly, so if it happens to run out as a result of leaking, then you will be faced with mechanical problems, and this means spending even more money to fix the problem. Before the problems get extensive you may want to reach out to Leahy’s Towing and get in contact with them about troubleshooting your vehicle.

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