Types Of Tow Trucks

Challenges Tow Truck Drivers Face

The towing industry has grown quite popular in recent years thanks to an increase in the number of vehicles on our roads today. Ultimately, the more cars there are on the roads, the more breakdowns there will be, which calls for roadside rescue, recovery, and assistance from tow trucks. While most people think that handling a roadside breakdown is simple and straightforward, there are so many complications tow truck operators, and others within the industry, encounter daily.

There’s always some form of danger glaring at tow truck drivers every time they are out at work. Being a tow truck driver is not only hazardous; it is also a niche profession. That means it is hard for a random person to pop in and perform the duties of a breakdown specialist.

Road Navigation

If you have been driving for a while and have had the chance to drive a vehicle pulling a trailer or towing another car, you know how hard it can be to navigate the roads. To tow vehicles, you need to have impeccable driving skills and judgment. Driving a loaded tow truck can be very tricky, especially when the roads are covered with debris and potholes or are flooded or slippery. For one to be a great tow truck driver, their sense of knowledge of circumstances and situations must be very strong.

Bad Weather

Driving through harsh weather is tough for everyone on the road. Apart from making it hard to control your vehicle, severe weather conditions will often also hamper navigation and vision. If driving under harsh conditions in a normal car is challenging, now imagine how tough it is driving a tow truck that’s carrying another vehicle on its flatbed or is towing one behind it.

Poor Drivers

It’s quite clear now that driving a tow truck is something that requires one to be alert, skilled, and disciplined. While all these are qualities every tow truck driver possesses due to the nature of their work, not all road users are as adept and careful on the roads. Some road users either careless about safety on the road or do not mind other road users. Quieter roads are usually less challenging since they have lesser traffic. Things start to become tricky on busy roads. As traffic increases, so does your interaction with other road users. This poses a danger since not everyone on the road is a skilled, experienced, and cautious driver. As a truck driver, you might get hit from behind, causing you to swerve off your lane. There is also the probability that you might get knocked down while outside your truck mounting a broken-down vehicle or providing roadside assistance.


Being a tow truck driver is no easy feat. Fatigue is one thing a lot of tow truck drivers often experience, especially when they’ve been working long hours. Exhaustion predisposes tow truck drivers to other hazards, including health-related challenges and accidents.

Leahy’s Towing have drivers experienced with all the above. Give us a call today and have us help with your towing needs.

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