Common Misconceptions People Have About Towing

Common Misconceptions People Have About Towing

It’s not every day that drivers wind up getting towed or have to call for professional roadside assistance. Given that, quite a few common misconceptions plague the towing industry. Some of this might have to do with the rage people can feel when their vehicle is towed after they park illegally. On the other hand, towing services should also be remembered for how many times they save the day, since they offer a variety of services that save drivers money, time, and so much more. Keep reading to learn some of the specific misconceptions that drivers, possibly including yourself, have.

Towing Costs Too Much

Towing services aren’t usually overpriced, particularly if those services are being offered by genuine professionals. Towing fees account for most of the expenses involved in maintaining and operating a tow truck. There are two primary factors involved in determining cost. The first is how hard it is to recover the vehicle as measured by level of risk. The second is how much distance is going to be covered during the tow.

A Towing Company Only Does Towing

Most towing companies do plenty of other things besides towing vehicles. They might offer things like jump-starting dead cars, offering vehicle lockout solutions, changing tires, and much more. The phrase of ‘roadside assistance’ can cover quite a few different things, which is good, considering how different reasons there are for vehicles to wind up disabled or stranded on the roadways.

Towing Is Impossible In Rural Areas

A lot of drivers thank that towing services aren’t possible in they’re in a rural area. The fact is that licensed towing experts and teams, like the ones working at Leahy’s Towing, are willing to drive to you wherever you are so they can answer your problems and prayers once you contact them.


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