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The drivetrain is basically how a car vehicle manifests power to its wheels which makes all the difference as you’re driving on rough roads or in unstable weather conditions. Experts at Leahy’s Towing will be providing information on the basic differences between the drivetrains of 2, 4 and all-wheel drives in the following:

2 Wheel Drive

With either front or rear varieties, you can find that majority of cars today have front-wheel drives. A characteristic of the front wheel is that it allows improved traction in unstable rainy conditions and they generally have more interior space compared to that of rear-wheel drives. With rear-wheel drives, on the other hand, these provide adequate traction and weight specifically for vehicles that have a heavy rear load such as trucks.

4 Wheel Drive

This provides adequate traction. However, it may cause problems upon driving on normal roads. The vehicle’s wheels have a possibility of turning at different speeds to make room for turning distances. 4 Wheel drive vehicles have the characteristic of automatically or manually locking the ‘center differential.’ This is to give equal amounts of torque to both the front and the back axles of the wheels which happens to be perfect for unstable roads or critical weathers but not for normal roads. These vehicles also give high multiplied power low gears for the purpose of being able to climb up steep conditions and obstacles.

All Wheel Drive

These cars provide power to all 4 wheels automatically when the roads are slippery or when quick acceleration is present. Torque levels can vary depending on the wheels, however this function is automatically applied most of the time. This is also the perfect option for drivers who need extra traction in cases of rain or snow, but don’t intend on doing any “off-roading.”

A professional towing company knows the difference in these types of vehicles and take great care when towing your vehicle. If you want to learn more about how the drive type affect towing get in contact with us for more help.