Don't Forget To Take Care Of These 5 Essential Winter Auto Maintenance Tips

Don’t Forget To Take Care Of These 5 Essential Winter Auto Maintenance Tips

Cold weather can result in increased stress being put on your car in addition to a number of different safety problems. Ice and rain make traction and vision a luxury. Here are 5 essential car maintenance tips that should be addressed before the winter weather hits:

1. Engine Oil

It is a good idea to change your engine oil and filter at the start of the winter season. During the winter you should consider using thinner oil, especially if the area you live in has temperatures that drop below freezing. Using modern synthetic oil is also a good idea rather than using conventional motor oil. That is due to the fact that it provides improved anti-protection and oil changes do not need to be made as frequently.

2. Tires

It is critical to have the right tires for driving in winter conditions, especially for drivers who are very likely to encounter snow and ice. Quality all-season radial tires might be sufficient for the purpose of all year driving in areas where snow and ice are just a minor concern. You might need to ensure the tires have plenty of tread. Tires should be checked for their pressure and proper inflation once a month.

3. Battery

During the winter, car batteries need more power in order to get the engine started. It is essential to perform preventive maintenance on your car battery as it can prevent you from becoming stranded in the future. The battery should have at least a 12.4-volt charge and should be topped off to its full level line. It is also important to ensure that the battery cables do not have any breaks or cracks and are in good condition. The connectors should also be clean and have a tight fit with the battery’s terminal posts.

4. Fluids

Your car needs a wide range of various fluids in order to perform properly. Therefore, they should be checked in order to ensure they are at the correct fill levels. Those fluids include power steering fluid, transmission oil, and brake fluid. The windshield fluid should also be topped off with a solution with anti-freeze in it.

5. Exterior Treatments

If the exterior of your car has suffered any damage recently that is in need of repairs, it best to take care of this before winter weather hits. That is due to the fact that cold weather conditions might accelerate any rust or corrosion developing in areas where there are any dents or dings. A good cleaning and polishing of the exterior of your car will provide protection against winter’s harsh elements. Leahy’s Towing can help. Reach out to us so we can help you keep your car winter ready!

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