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Raising a teenage driver should be done in a proper way. It is important to give them the best advice and information in terms of safety. This, in order to teach them how to drive safely. In order to educate you on this matter, we have come up with tips from driving pros.

Stoplight Logic

Teens can get confused if there are more stoplights than the traditional green, yellow, and red. There may be curved or flashing arrows in some lights. Other signs mean that drivers should yield just before turning to the left side. One of the basic steps to teaching your teen to drive safely is to educate him to recognize the stoplights there are on the road.

Long-Distance Trips

It is highly likely that your teen uses the car to drive himself to school and then back home. It is important for them to manage longer driving distances. Driving long distances can cause fatigue and a hypnotic effect on a person. For this reason, you should let them drive when you have family road trips or other excursions to places far away.

Night Driving

You should also allow them to drive at night when with you at the front passenger seat guiding them. You should take them to the freeway and streets with empty sides. Once they feel comfortable driving around these places, you can be sure they can handle them by themselves. Also, teach them how to turn on the car’s blinkers and beams properly. One important thing to consider is to tell them that by no means should they drive while drunk. Also, that there are dangers implied when driving tired and drowsy. If a teen isn’t paying full attention to driving, it is best for them not to drive at all.

Unfamiliar Areas

Having a map with them is a good way to teach when how and where to drive. Driving should be steady and they should be taught how to read a map and drive at the same time.

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