Essential Tips When Driving During The Rainy Season

Essential Tips When Driving During The Rainy Season

Many of us are excited to see the green plants, warm temperatures and enjoy the beautiful weather outside for some outdoor activities. But alongside that, we can also expect some rains making it a little bit more difficult to drive at times. Here at Leahy’s Towing, we provide professional towing services, we are experienced and we have a good grasp of understanding on the different variables that makes up safe driving practices. Listed below is a quick and comprehensive guide on what you can do to drive safely during these types of weathers.

Keep Your Headlights On

Whether you’re driving at night or day, if it’s raining hard, make sure that you turn on your headlights. Rain can cause visibility issues and your headlights will help you see what’s ahead of you.

Understand The Safe Speed And Distance From The Vehicle In Front Of You

It’s tempting to hit the rev to the floor, especially when there are not too many cars around. But if it’s raining, the floors remain slippery and driving too fast in this kind of weather may cause your car to slip then speed up – commonly referred to as hydroplaning. It is crucial that during these kinds of circumstances, that you drive at a slower pace to prevent friction towards your tires. Always remember to be careful whenever you’re trying to make a turn, and never swerve especially during these conditions. In addition to which, always remember to keep more distance than you normally would as the breaks would take more time before it fully engages when the tires and roads are wet.

Think In Advance And Always Check Your Car Parts

One of the worst things that you can experience when you’re driving is when one of your car parts starts to malfunction. If the weather channel has stated that bad weather is incoming, make sure that you check your tires and ensure that your wipers are working properly. If you’ve noticed that your tires are showing signs of wear and tear, or are simply worn out, don’t take the chances and have them replaced immediately. Windshield wipers that aren’t functioning properly limits your visibility making it difficult to see through the rain, which means you’re a threat to other vehicles and your own. Always think ahead. If you somehow unfortunately get stuck an need a tow, call your local Leahy’s Towing.

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