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Driving in rough roads can be bothersome sometimes especially if you are not aware of the potential challenges that you might face ahead. While bumpy roads cannot be avoided, you can do a lot of things to repudiate your vehicle from getting stuck in dirt or sand. For those who are curious how, here’s what the vehicle recovery experts at Leahy’s Towing say.

1) Check the road first

The best thing you can do to avoid muddy and sandy roads is to check it ahead. Before driving, inspect the road and look at its condition. Check if there is any hazard so that you can plan your driving approach.

2) Have a steady momentum

You don’t need to drive fast, just keep it slow and have a steady momentum. In this way, even if you encounter mud, dirt, or sand, you have full control of your vehicle. Remember not to drive with full gear when driving. Let your wheels make traction. Low gear is ideal only for sandy roads.

3) Do not follow curves

Aim to drive straight, If you can avoid curves, do it as much as possible. Curves can lead you to get stuck. Have a pre-map of your path and look for a straight line where you can drive.

4) Drive with deflated tires

If you are aware of rough roads ahead, then it’s best to deflate your tires before driving. Deflated tires connect more with the deep mud or dirt and in return produce more traction.

5) Avoid using your breaks

Slow down and avoid using your breaks. If you are on a muddy road, let your vehicle stop naturally do it won’t get stuck too deep.

6) Know the direction of your wheels

Ruts sometimes lead your wheels. Always be aware of the direction of your tires so you would know how to avoid ruts.

If you get stuck and need the help of a professional towing company. Call us at Leahy’s Towing to get a tow.