How to Avoid Getting Stuck in the Mud

How to Avoid Getting Stuck in the Mud

If you have the right vehicle, driving through the mud and rough terrain can be one of the most exciting automotive adventures. But, if you were to become stuck in the sand or dirt, the adventure could turn sour very quickly.

In the following article we will discuss a few practices you can perform to keep yourself safe from these potential hazards. Following is all you need to know about staying safe in rough terrain from your experts in towing and vehicle recovery.

Inspect the Road Ahead

If you are unsure about the terrain you are about to traverse you can climb from your vehicle for a closer inspection. This might be the best way to plan your route through tough spots and ensure you don’t get stuck for hours.

Drive Straight

You have a greater potential to become stuck in the mud at curves, so driving straight is the best way to avoid problems. If you have plotted a course, try to make it as straight as possible through mud and sand.

Keep Steady Momentum

When approaching an area where the potential to become stuck is high, you will want to keep in a slow and steady momentum. Don’t use the low gear when driving through mud, If your wheels begin to spin, slow the vehicle slightly and allow them to regain traction. In the early morning when the sand is firm is usually the best time to do low gear driving.

Be Aware of the Direction your Wheels are Pointing In

If there are rut in the road, your vehicle is going to veer toward them as much as possible. This is why plotting your course is important so you plan to keep your wheels in a specific direction.

Deflate your Tires a Little Bit

If you take some of the air from your tires, you will allow them to gain a better traction on the road. The less air, the more contact area your tires will have with the ground, just don’t tak out too much.

Don’t Use Brakes

Try not to use your brakes as this can place you in an abrupt stop that can be difficult to get out of. Rather than braking hard, drive slowly and allow your vehicle to slowly roll to halt by itself.

A towing company can get you out of a muddy situation, call one today!

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