How To Stay Safe When Your Car Breaks Down

How To Stay Safe When Your Car Breaks Down

When your car breaks down you need to do a few things to keep safe. Some of these things are listed below.

1. Get To The Side Of The Road

Your first priority has to be getting to the side of the road. Even if this means pushing the car, do not stay in the direct line of traffic. More specifically, try to move to the shoulder of the road while the car is still moving. And only when safe to do so and without causing an accident.

2. Inform Other Drivers

In order to avoid a potential accident, make a point to put on the hazards of the car. The hazards will communicate that the car is stationary and you are having problems.

3. Only Exit Car When Safe

If you want to inspect what is wrong with the car, it means you have to get out. But do not put yourself in danger to do the check. For example, when there is oncoming traffic at fast speeds, it is best to stay put until the traffic has passed.

4. Use Extra Precaution

In addition to putting on the hazards, you can use emergency traffic signs and flares to help give other drivers a fair warning. These are especially helpful if the weather conditions are bad, such as driving in misty or foggy conditions. Because there is a good chance your hazards will not be enough.

5. Call For Help

Most people are not able to fix their cars when they break down in the middle of nowhere. Hence the reason for calling professionals to drive out and help you.

6. Keep An Emergency Kit

It is always recommended to keep an emergency kit in the car, just in case you have to wait for help to arrive. The kit should include things like water, blankets, flashlights, and snacks that won’t easily get spoiled if possible. It is important to stay safe and be prepared.

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