How You Can Open Your Car If You Are Locked Out

How You Can Open Your Car If You Are Locked Out

1. The Traditional Manual Way

If the car locks are operated by small buttons on the window ledge, you can utilize a straightened coat hanger to open the car door. Create a small hook on one side and direct the straightened hanger into the rubber that covers the window’s side. Then after you hit the door button, hook it with the hanger and pull upwards.

2. Through the Trunk

In some vehicles, you can access the car through the trunk by moving the back seats. This can be an option to unlock the car if you have easy access to the car’s trunk. It is also recommended that you have your car spare key hidden safely in the trunk.

3. Seek Professional Technicians, like a Tow Company

You will require to engage an emergency lockout service if your car has locks that are set back into the door handle. Your only option is to contact a professional, for instance, a towing company that provides lockout services since a majority of the time using a wire hanger or screwdriver can cause additional damage or injury.

4. Buy a New Remote Opener

Many new cars have electronic door openers or digital keys that do not permit the driver to lock the doors when the keys are inside the vehicle. But, this can be a problem since misplacing the gadget means seeking replacement which will cost a lot and take some days.

5. Look for the Override Switch

If you have an electronic door opener, you can still be able to open the car, but if it is misplaced outside the vehicle, your ignition may fail to work in its absence. Some vehicles have override switches for such instances so confirm if you can start the vehicle in the absence of the opener by checking the override switch – if one exists.

You may need to enlist a professional tow company if your keys are locked up and your car is in an area where you can be fined. Call us as soon as you need to

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