How you can save on your Towing Bill

How you can save on your Towing Bill

If your vehicle breaks down, you will already be facing the costs of getting it repaired. Then, the costs of getting it towed to the service station can be a whole other cost that is best avoided. The good news is that there are some ways the savvy motorist can reduce the costs of getting their vehicle towed.

Here are 4 ways to save cash on your towing:

1. Before you Paying, Call up Your Credit Card Company

Don’t get panicky and dial the first towing service. The best thing to do is to consider checking with your credit card company to see if this is a service that they provide. Many credit card companies include services like roadside assistance as one of their additional benefits in their credit card services. If you aren’t sure if this is a service you have available, check with your credit card company before you pay for a towing service and you might find you saved a couple of Benjamins.

2. Check with Your Insurance Company

Another place where it will be worth checking with your insurance provider. You will find that a good portion of insurance companies today include a towing and recovery service in their coverage plan. You could call now to see if you have it or maybe you could have it added for a small additional fee. This can be a big benefit to you if you find yourself stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a broken-down car.

3. Do Some Research

If you find you have no choice but to call a towing service than you should suppress the urge to call the first towing service and request they send out a tow truck. If you are stuck in the middle of nowhere or in a slightly unsafe situation than by all means time important. But, if you have the time to call up a few of the services available, you may find that some have a better price than the others.

4. Get inscribed an Automobile Association

Another great place to find affordable towing services is to already be paying for them by joining an auto association. The annual costs of an auto insurance subscription is $50 – $100. This is, however, a small price to pay for saving time and cash in the long run. Especially if you find yourself stuck far out in the middle of nowhere and in desperate need of good service. Professional towing companies can help with all the towing information you need don’t hesitate to call.

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