At one point or another, you probably will find yourself in a situation where you need to have your vehicle towed. When unexpected problems occur, having a plan in place is the best option. That way, you can work with a towing company that not only provides fast service but that also has the right equipment for the job.

Step #1 – Plan Ahead

Towing companies typically provide service in areas that are located within about an hour of their home base. If you are going to be taking a long trip, it is a good idea to write down the contact information for reputable towing companies along the way.

Take a look at a map of the route that you plan to travel. Find cities or towns that are located about every 50 miles. Do a little bit of research for each of those towns to find the top-rated towing service. Make sure that they are licensed, insured, and certified. They should also provide 24-hour service. Put together a notebook that has the name of each company, their location, and their phone number. That way, you can quickly call for help if you need it anywhere along the way.

Step #2 – Get Out Of The Way

Regardless of whether your vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident, it is important for you and any passengers in your vehicle to move away from the road as quickly as possible. Getting out of the path of oncoming traffic is important for ensuring your safety.

Step #3 – Reach Out To The Towing Company

Use the information that you researched earlier to find the towing company that is located closest to your current location. Give them a call and let them know exactly what is going on. Provide them with details about your location as well as what happened to your vehicle. Be as accurate as possible. Not only will this allow them to get to you more quickly but it also will help them decide which equipment is required for the job.

Step #4 – Discuss The Pricing Ahead Of Time

While you have the towing service on the phone, discuss their payment policy. Ideally, the company will take cash or credit cards. Ask them to provide an estimate for how much the service will cost. That way, you can be sure that it will fit within your budget.

Step #5 – Decide Where You Want The Vehicle Towed

Oftentimes, towing companies will simply tow your vehicle to their lot. From there, you can tell them where you want to have it taken for repairs. If you know where you want to have the repairs done, however, you can have the company tow your vehicle directly to that location. Sending it straight to the repair shop rather than to the company’s lot will usually wind up costing less.

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