Important Tire Safety Tips Every Driver Needs To Know

Important Tire Safety Tips Every Driver Needs To Know

One of the most important yet overlooked driving safety factors that many people forget to take into consideration is tire pressure. Did you know that tire pressure plays a crucial role in keeping motorists safe while on the road? Chicago Towing’s driving safety experts and towing specialists will talk about the most crucial aspects of tire safety whenever you’re out there in the road driving.

Choose Your Tires Carefully

While this might be common sense, many people fail to choose the appropriate size simply because one looks better than the other, or for other reasons. The tire size depends on how big your vehicle size and how much weight it can carry. If you’re unsure, always seek help from an automotive expert to help you find the right tire for your vehicle.

Have A Tire Gauge Along With You Wherever You Go

This easily lets you check your tire’s air gauge and lets you know if you need more or, or if they’re good to go wherever you are. These are available in most hardware stores.

Check Tire Pressures Regularly

If your tires are not inflated properly, they can cause damage to your tires, which can be a culprit for accidents. Additionally, this could also bring early signs of wear and tear. Always make sure that your tires are checked regularly, loaded with proper air pressure that’s suggested in your user’s manual. Do this once a month, or before you go for a long drive. Always check the pressure when your tires are cool as heat will cause inaccurate pressure reading data.

Drive Carefully When It’s Raining Or During Wet Weather

When you’re driving slower, the tire’s tread footprints will give you better traction. This is the primary reason why driving slowly whenever the road is wet is safer. It reduces accidents and hydroplaning.

Align Tires

Always make sure that you get your tires rotated and aligned after every driving 6,000 miles.

Make It A Habit To Measure Tire Treads

One easy way of measuring the tire’s treads is by using a penny inside your tire’s treat groove. If Lincoln’s head is visible, it’s a sign that your tires need a replacement.

Look For Tears And Signs Of Misalignment

Inspect your tires and make sure that there are no bulges, tears, cuts or tears in any area of your tires, sides included. Check your vehicle’s alignment, and an early sign of misalignment is when you’ve noticed that your car is starting to lean to a specific side whenever you’re driving.

Do Not Overload

Check your manufacturer’s manual to see the ideal weight to load in your vehicle. Overloading may cause strain in your tires, which increases the risks of getting flat tires, punctures, or may even cause the tire to blow. The information is usually in your manual or is usually found in a placard that’s usually stored by the driver’s doorpost.

Safeguard your tires, but if you need a towing company call us at Leahy’s Towing. We can help in your time of need.

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