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My Vehicle Got Towed. What Are My Rights?

Walking up to a parking lot and see that your car has been towed away by Harrisburg Towing it’s always daunting.  However, you must be aware of your rights when this situation happens, as it’ll be of great help to you.

Knowing your rights is crucial to protect your car and yourself.

Parking On Private Properties

In Pennsylvania it’s legal to park on private properties, always as there are not towing, or “no parking” signs around. In that case, it’s recommended to avoid parking there, as the property owner has the right to call for your car being towed.

These signs should include the name of the company with permission to tow your vehicle, and a way to get in contact with them.

Accepting Debit And Credit Card Payments

Normally, towing companies only accepted cash payments. The new law established that it’s legal to pay using debit or credit card a towing service.

Give You Back Your Vehicle

In case your car got towed following an accident, the company has the obligation to release it on the day of your request. You must have in return the appropriate paperwork.

Letting You Access Your Car Without The Payment

According to the new law, you have the right to inspect your vehicle and recover any personal belongings, even if you haven’t paid the bill.

Calculation Of Storage Days

The new law states that one storage day is now calculated from midnight to midnight.

A List Of Fees Before Asking For Payments

Every tow truck company is required to issue a receipt and a written list of fees before requesting a client to pay.

Towing Your Vehicle To The Nearest Lot Available

Under the new law, towing companies in Arizona have the obligation to transport every towed car to the closest possible lot. This is subject to change in case the police requests another lot for any reason.

Releasing Your Car At Working Hours

You can pick up your car after being towed from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm, without being charged extra fees. Towing companies cannot ask you for more money if they are not available during regular working hours.

Towing Companies Are Responsible For Their Employees And Contractors

Full-time employees and contractors of many tow truck companies used to have condemnable behavior with their clients. With the new law, the company has to take responsibility for their acts.

Now, you know more about your towing rights and you can put them in practice in case you need them. Are you looking for a reputable towing company? You can reach out to us today!