Quick Steps to Assess Car Problems

Quick Steps to Assess Car Problems

You are in the middle of your trip, then all of a sudden, the car stalls for no apparent reason and you completely have no idea what is wrong. The first thing that will come to your mind is asking yourself “can I get a tow truck to help me with this situation?”, but it is important to know what the problem could be.

The good thing is there is no need for skills and knowledge of a mechanic when diagnosing the problem with your car. There are some irregularities that you can easily spot, once you notice the problem with your car, make sure you reach out to a tow truck dispatcher.

Before you go even deeper, you should know whether the problem comes from the engine, battery related or not. The first thing a driver does when the engine stops is attempting to turn on the ignition. If you have tried but no response from the engine, then there is a good chance the problem could be with the battery. If you do this and the engine turns on, then you go a few meters then noticed that the steering wheel is wobbling, then steering fluid or tire could be the problem. The good thing is car manufacturers have warning signals ready if there is a problem like tire air pressure or fluid. A professional towing company can help if you end up getting stuck.

When you notice some quirks with the car, turn off the interior lights, headlights, and fog lights as soon as possible and get out of the car. This is important because it ensures the batteries are not going to get drained even more, and your stuff is stored safe and secure.

Tire Problem
It is important to detect when there is a problem with your tire because it exposes you to a lot of danger when you keep driving for 10-100 miles more.

Battery Problem
If the engine doesn’t respond after ignition, it could be a problem with the engine or the battery is drained or dead.

Engine-Related Problem
If the engine or lights don’t respond after switching on, then it is most likely something to do with the engine.

Don’t hesitate to call us the minute you need a tow. We are here to help.

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