Car transmissions issues can get bad pretty quickly. The downside to having them is that they can become expensive to repair in the long run. Also, they can be dangerous for people who are going in the car. It is beneficial to know how to spot transmission issues in your car. The following are common transmission issues many owners may have to deal with:

Fluid Leaking

There may be fluid stains beneath the car. A possible cause of this is having a gap in the transmission system. The leak may come from either the torque converter seal, the pan gasket, or the fluid lines. You can recognize fluid leaking because the stains are normally green or red.

Clucking sounds

If you shift gears and there are clucking sounds, there may be the possibility of your car having transmission issues. In case you hear them, please go to a car mechanic for help.

Burning Smell

This sign can be dangerous. It may be caused by transmission oil overheating in the car`s transmission box. Help should be sought immediately if you notice a burning smell in your car.

Gear Grinding Signs

These ones depend on whether your car is automatic or manual. If it is automatic when there is a change in the RMP and there is a pulling feeling when changing gears. Gears can also have grinding and whining sounds. If the car is manual, then, there may be gear grinding sounds that indicate that the clutch has become degraded or the transmission`s synchronizers have broken.

Car Noise When in Neutral Position

If your car is in neutral position and you hear bumping sounds, then your transmission may be failing. This can be traced to a lack of transmission fluid. If there is car noise when in neutral position and the transmission fluid is not empty, then you should take your car to the mechanic.

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