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The 3 Top Places To Await Towing After A Breakdown

When your car breaks down on the road there are obvious risks, with the potential dangers increasing as the traffic increases and the road becomes bigger – breaking down on the highway would be the worst nightmare for anyone!

However, breakdowns are normal if you own a vehicle, and there is always a possibility that it can happen to you or any driver at any time. Should this happen, you may require to get the vehicle towed so that it can be fixed, and then you can drive home!

Reacting appropriately in case of a vehicle breakdown is not that easy, especially if it is your first time, so it is critical to know where to steer your car to. By doing this you can safely contact and wait for your towing service to arrive!

The Right Shoulder

The standard practice for any road user on a highway whose vehicle breaks down is to move as far as possible on the right shoulder.

Once you get to the farthest point you can on your right shoulder, stay in your car and call your local tow service or motorist club, and wait for them to show up.

Stay Where You Are

This may not be the most convenient situation to be in while waiting for a tow after your vehicle malfunctions. If you are unable to coast your car safely to the right of the road, just remain at your spot.

Turn on your hazard indicator but AVOID leaving the vehicle at all, this will only increase the amount of danger you are in.

Off the Road

On less busy roads, you are capable of moving off the road, or in some cases as far as you can from the shoulder. Since the roads here have very few vehicles, you might be able to navigate your car away from the road to the farthest point possible.

Then get in touch with a towing professional service. Here’s a number to call.