The 5 Essential Pieces Of Coverage In Any Roadside Service Program

The 5 Essential Pieces Of Coverage In Any Roadside Service Program

There are a lot of different roadside service programs available to you, and many of them allow you to pick and choose the specific services you pay for. While this is largely a matter of choosing the package that’s most convenient for you, every driver should consider these five kinds of coverage absolutely essential:

1) Towing

When you suffer an accident or breakdown that makes it impossible to drive your vehicle safety, towing is the only answer. Your roadside service program should include the ability to get your undrivable car off the road. Most programs offer a certain number of miles of towing and may even let you adjust this; select a range that makes sense based on where and how you normally drive.

2) Flat Tire Service

A flat tire is one of the most common single-vehicle road accidents, and it does a fine job of rendering your car immobile. Most roadside service programs will handle flat tires for you and this is usually a default part of the service package. If your program doesn’t include flat tire service automatically, it’s well worth speaking to the providing company and getting it added. Make sure you’re clear on the full extent of the service offered; sometimes your basic service only includes mounting the spare from your vehicle. If your spare is not road-ready, replacing it may incur an extra charge.

3) Jumpstart Service

A dead battery will immobilize your car as surely as a tire blowout or collision. The good news is, there’s not normally any damage to your car. Invest in a roadside assistance program that will send a service professional to jumpstart your car if your battery goes flat. Check your owner’s manual to see what your manufacturer says about jumpstarting, though. Certain vehicles (like some electric cars) should not be jumpstarted. If your car can’t safely take a jumpstart, then (and only then) it makes sense to cut jumpstart service off your roadside assistance plan.

4) Lockout/Locksmith Service

If you’re locked out of your car, lockout service can get you back in. Locksmith service is slightly different; this takes effect when the roadside service provider has to call an outside locksmith to fix your problem. Getting both of these services covered in your roadside service program is a good idea.

5) Fuel Delivery

If you’ve ever run your car dry and faced a long hike to a gas station, you know how helpful it would be to have someone fetch gas. This is a service your roadside program can and should provide. Check how your service provider charges for this; in some programs, you’re responsible for paying for the fuel. Fuel prices are usually taken from the nearest service station. If you ever need roadside assistance you can also call Leahy’s Towing. Give us a call.

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