The Advantages Of Rollback Tow Trucks

The Advantages Of Rollback Tow Trucks

Like other industries, the world of towing has changed and evolved over the years. Decades ago, towing a vehicle typically involved asking a family member or friend for help, using a rope and a pickup truck to tow your vehicle on your own. Eventually, professional tow trucks came into service. With these trucks, a hook is usually attached to the front of your vehicle, raising the front wheels off the ground so that it can be safely towed behind. Today, rollback tow trucks are one of the most popular options. These trucks minimize the risk of damage by carrying your vehicle on a flatbed trailer rather than pulling it behind.

One of the primary problems with traditional tow trucks is that they frequently damage the vehicles that they are towing. As the tow truck swerves to avoid potholes or other obstacles in the road, the hook or chain attached to the other vehicle often winds up causing damage to the frame or paint.

Rollback tow trucks solve this problem by carrying vehicles on a flat stage rather than towing them behind. The stage itself angles down to the ground using hydraulics, creating a ramp for the vehicle. The car is then pulled up onto the stage and the surface levels out again. After the vehicle is loaded, the tow truck driver can safely haul it wherever it needs to go without doing any damage in the process.

Rollback tow trucks are beneficial when towing vehicles on freeways or expressways. It is much easier for the tow truck driver to move through traffic when the vehicle is loaded on the back of their truck rather than being towed behind. This type of towing allows them to move at the same speed as the flow of traffic, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Cars that are towed this way can be moved safely to their final destination without sustaining any damage along the way. Once the vehicle reaches the place where it is being towed, the driver simply has to angle the stage back down to the ground to remove the car from the back of the truck. This is easy to do, even in areas where there is not a lot of room to maneuver.

Rollback trucks also work well for situations where the back wheels of the vehicle were damaged in an accident. Cars in this condition can’t be towed by standard tow trucks since they need working back wheels in order to be pulled along behind.

If you have a vehicle that needs to be towed, you will want to call the community Leahy’s Towing service our rollback tow trucks is an excellent solution.

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