Tips On How To Avoid Damaging Your Car During Towing

Tips On How To Avoid Damaging Your Car During Towing

Getting your car towed is never fun. However, when the towing is being done by a professional towing service the process can become less of a hassle. If your car is being towed, you should understand that there are many risks of damage occurring. At Leahy’s Towing, our technicians are aware of these dangers and always work towards ensuring that the process is completed safely and satisfactorily. However, we also advise drivers on the risks of damage so that they can stay informed. Here are some useful tips to minimize the risk of damage occurring to your vehicle when it is being towed.

Ensure That You Release Your Emergency Brake

While you are awaiting the arrival of a towing service, you may engage your emergency brake for safety purposes. However, when they arrive, you should ensure that you release your emergency brake. If the emergency brake is left engaged during the towing process, your car can get severely damaged. It is most important to disengage the brake if the car will be towed with its wheels on the road. There is less risk of damage to the car if it will be towed using a flatbed. However, you should still disengage the emergency brake before the vehicle is hoisted on the towing flatbed.

Ensure That You Close Your Windows

If your car is towed with the windows open, there is a high risk that the inside will get messed up or damaged. With the window rolled down, there is a high risk of dust, dirt and unwanted particles staining the upholstery in your car. To avoid the risk of damage to the interior of your car, roll up your windows before the car is towed.

Ensure That You Document the State of Your Car During the Towing Process

Prior to the start of the towing process, you should document the condition that your car is in using pictures and videos. These videos are important as they can act as evidence in case any damages occur during towing. With pictures, you can prove that the damage occurred during the towing and not before your vehicle was towed. With evidence, you can easily get compensated for any damages that occur during the towing process. With Leahy’s Towing our professionals tow your vehicle with care. Call for a quote today.

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