Types Of Tow Trucks

Types Of Tow Trucks

A motorcycle, truck, car, or any other vehicle may break down anywhere and any time. However well your vehicle might be maintained, ultimately it is a machine and a machine can stop working correctly, or not at all, at times that you least expect. During those times it can be very useful to have a professional towing service available that can safely and easily tow your vehicle without causing any damage.

What is important to understand is there are various kinds of tow trucks, with each of them intended for specific types of towing vehicles and needs. There are 4 main categories they can be divided into:

Flatbed Towing Trucks

This type of tow truck is one of the more commonly seen and probably the one that is used most widely also. It comes with a flatbed or long platform on the rear, and that is what holds the vehicle into place. Hydraulics are used for moving the flatbed up and down t town the car easily. When a vehicle is functional it can be driven easily onto the ramp or if it isn’t functional it can be pulled up to the ramp quite easily. Normally a flatbed tow truck is used to tow vehicles that sustained serious damage or are high-value cars.

Heavy Duty Towing Trucks

When a car needing to be towed is a big vehicle such as a semi-truck or truck, then a heavy-duty towing truck is needed to do the job. It needs to have the capacity for carrying heavy loads and has been built with greater stability and strength that is needed to carry large vehicles.

Hook and Chain Towing Trucks

It is one of the oldest types of tow trucks and most likely one of the first ones. As suggested by the name, it comes with a big hook for cradling the vehicle that is being towed along with a long chair for lifting it off or the ground or onto its back wheels. However, it places the towed vehicle under a great deal of pressure and therefore isn’t the safest towing truck around. It is the preferred type of tow truck for towing lighter weight motorcycles or towing goods.

Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

A wheel lift tow truck is an upgrade of the hook and chain two truck. They are similar but a metal yoke is used rather than a hook and chain. The pressure placed on the towed vehicle is reduced by the metal yoke and reduces the potential of damage as well. A hydraulic lift is used to raise the vehicle off after the metal yoke has secured it. However, it is not recommended for high value or heavy vehicles.

Winch Out Tow Trucks

At times the need to tow will arise whenever a car gets stuck in the snow, mud, or even broken pavement. You just need to have a lift and get back onto stable ground Leahy’s Towing is here to help. This is where having a winch out tow truck can help. It can lift a vehicle and get it back out on the road give us a call today!

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