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What Is Vehicle Recovery Or Recovery Towing?

Sometimes, off-road vehicles get stuck in situations that are impossible to get out of without the help of specialized towing tools. The drivers of these vehicles get a little bit overconfident, taking on challenging road conditions that are too much for their vehicles to handle.

Other times, large trucks, buses, and RVs pick up so much momentum when they are traveling that they can easily wind up slipping off the edge of the road or completely rolling over.

Vehicle recovery, which is also referred to as recovery towing, is designed to help recover these vehicles using special equipment.

Keeping Everyone Safe

The first thing that tow truck drivers have to do in situations like these is to make sure that everyone in the vehicle is safe. The driver or passengers are usually asked to move away from the area so that they don’t accidentally get in the way of the tow truck. This also helps keep them from inadvertently stepping out into traffic on the road.

Recovery Towing Equipment

When large vehicles such as motorhomes or tractor-trailers wind up in a borrow pit or ditch, large, sturdy equipment is usually required to get them out. Tow vehicles that are designed to deal with situations like these have a wider wheelbase than normal. They also have a much higher towing capacity and have stronger cables and winches than standard tow trucks.

In Harrisburg, towing companies like Leahy’s Towing have special training that allows them to safely deal with hazardous materials and to manage accident scenes. An important part of this involves keeping people away from the area where the accident occurred.

Certain situations require multiple recovery vehicles. For instance, when large semi-trucks rollover, two vehicles may be needed to pull them back into an upright position. Once they are back on their wheels, high-capacity tow trucks can pull them to a safer area. The drivers of these trucks undergo special training to learn how best to position and use the cables and other towing accessories to deal with situations like these.

Backcountry Vehicle Recovery

Driving in the mountains or backcountry can be dangerous, regardless of whether people are in two-wheel or four-wheel-drive vehicles. Oftentimes, they wind up getting stuck on dirt roads or sliding into ditches or ravines. Recovering these vehicles requires specialized equipment. More than that, it also requires special training to know how best to deal with vehicles that are stuck in out-of-the-way locations.

Occasionally, recovery companies such as Leahy’s Towing are also contacted to help recover small airplanes that have crashed in remote regions. Call us for more information, our service professionals are here to help.