What Vehicles Require Heavy-Duty Towing?

What Vehicles Require Heavy-Duty Towing?

With a full fleet of heavy-duty equipment at our disposal, Leahy’s Towing is well prepared to take on the heaviest vehicles in the most complex situations. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced technicians, there is no sized vehicle to large or any situation too complex for our prompt solutions.

Our heavy-duty tow trucks feature under reach and wheel lifting capacity to ensure that the vehicle is delivered to a new location in the exact same conditions we found it.

Some vehicles are small and can be removed easily, for those larger and heavier vehicles it will be essential to call in the services of special heavy-duty equipment meant for this sort of task. Following is a simple guide to the types of vehicles that require more than your average towing service:

You will need heavy-duty towing assistance with these types of vehicles:

Big Trucks

Due to the considerable weight, bobtails, garbage trucks and semi-trucks will always need heavy duty service. Because of their advanced under reach and wheel lift technology, heavy-duty tow trucks can ensure that these vehicles are transported safely. For larger issues, there are even tow-trucks that allow several large vehicles to be transported at one time.


Not only are busses extremely heavy, but their long dimensions can make them harder to manage. For these vehicles, special towing solutions have been designed to reduce damage by skirting and ground grinding. This is the advantage of the extended wheel lift system of heavy duty tow trucks.


Motorhome also come in some large and heavy presentations and are also especially delicate. These are important considerations when transporting the motorhome and requires wheel lift technology to ensure that it will arrive at its destination with no further damage.

Semi Tractor Trailers

All types of tractor trailers will require a proper heavy-duty tow-truck to move properly and safely. When being transported, these large vehicles are connected to their tow vehicle through a series of advanced hook up systems. Such measures are an absolute necessity given the immense size and dimensions of these vehicles makes their transportation from place to place a very dangerous undertaking.

Because a semi-truck is often the livelihood of its owner and operator, no chances should be taken. It is imperative to call a reliable and professional heavy-duty towing company for assistance in this effort. This way you will have the peace of mind in knowing that your semi-tractor will not see any damage on its way to wherever it needs to go.

Do you need heavy-duty towing? Leahy’s Towing is here for you. Call us for a quotation.

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