Why Hire A Towing Truck Service

Why Hire A Towing Truck Service?

Many people with a truck and a trailer often get tempted into transporting a broken vehicle or a vehicle that has been in an accident. Why Not?

Well, towing a vehicle as a Do-It-Yourself project; especially to an amateur comes with several dangers, which can easily be avoided by seeking the services of a professional.

Below are a few reasons why you should really consider the services of a professional, even if you have a truck and trailer.

• The Risk to Yourself and Others

Towing is a dangerous business, regardless of what you think. If you do it wrong or forget to account for anything, you or those close to you may pay the price. In other words, one wrong move can put you or others at risk.

For example, if you attempt to load and tow a vehicle on a busy street, and you ignore following proper precaution, you may cause other problems, such as accidents, property damage, and more. You should note that towing need emergency signs such as lights, hazard triangles, etc. to warn other drivers.

• Proper Towing Equipment

Owning a flatbed and a truck only does not qualify or make you ready for towing. Safe towing needs much more than those you have at hand.

Professionals do not only have the best vehicles designed for towing, which can quickly and safely load vehicles; but own other accessories amateurs do not own. Without some of these towing accessories, be assured that you may cause damages to your vehicle.

• Towing Capacity

Not all vehicles are rated for towing. Others vehicles come with a low towing capacity, which makes them ineffective for towing heavier vehicles. For this reason, if you tow a heavy vehicle exceeding your towing limit will only damage your transmission.

Professionals come with vehicles with high towing capacity, which means that they can tow heavy vehicles with ease. When it comes to the heaviest, professionals offer the benefit of multiple truck type to accommodate the weight.

Due to experience, they know the right truck that fits a particular tow, without doing the math. However, knowing the exact weight of a vehicle you want to tow is a challenging task, if not impossible.

• Driver Error

One quality that makes a towing service successful and professional is the driver’s knowledge of towing. Therefore, if you are an amateur, you may not be familiar with the driving style needed for towing. Note; the driving style differs from other or normal driving tips.

Some of the differences include:
• Maintaining a constant speed rate
• Taking into consideration the length of the trailer the vehicle is pulling
• Acceleration and braking should be slow

Leahy’s Towing are the tow trucking specialists that you need. Give us a call today if you need a tow!

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