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Why You Need To Have Emergency Roadside Assistance Insurance Coverage

What Is Roadside Assistance Insurance Coverage?

Emergency roadside insurance is more than an additional piece of auto insurance that helps you cover the costs of a breakdown. A roadside breakdown is something that can happen at any time and most people will have to deal with this at some point. However, the stress of these situations can be reduced when you have a number to call, assistance, reimbursement of expenses and support.

When you buy your auto insurance policy, you will generally be offered roadside assistance coverage. This is an additional premium which is generally minimal when compared to the rest of your insurance. However, the benefits of this insurance should not be overlooked.

The Benefits

Most people will overlook the insurance that is not legally required. They will also overlook insurance that seems to offer little when compared to their primary insurance policy or more substantial add-ons. However, the relatively low cost of this insurance will provide you with the support you need when your car breaks down on a cold and rainy night.

The policy details will vary depending on the insurance company and the policy you choose. The standard roadside assistance policy will have reasonable payments for the following:

• Mechanical labor provided at the breakdown site

• Towing the vehicle from potential danger

• Towing the vehicle to a repair site if the vehicle is inoperable

• The delivery of oil, fuel or a spare tire which is needed to make the vehicle operable

• The labor of a locksmith if you are unable to enter the vehicle

An Emergency Number To Call

Most insurance companies will have a dedicated emergency roadside assistance number that you can call when you need to. When your car breaks down, you will call the number on your policy and it will connect you to a trained operator. The operator will generally ask for your location, details about the situation and will contact a local towing or repair service. This service will respond to your situation.

Save With Emergency Roadside Assistance Insurance

If you become stranded with a car that will not move and do not have any roadside assistance insurance, you will be at the mercy of the towing and repair company that arrives at your location. While most of these companies are reliable and reputable with a set fee schedule, there are others that are not. These companies will take advantage of your situation and inflate the costs of helping you. If you have insurance coverage, the insurance company will cover the reasonable costs.

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