Top 7 Issues That Will Activate The Check Engine Light

Top 7 Issues That Will Activate The Check Engine Light

The check engine light is never something that has many drivers worried. The signal is often indicative of a problem within the engine that needs fixing. But most drivers will wait until a significant issue arises since they do not see anything worrying when they pop open their bonnet. Below are seven reasons the check engine light comes on.

1. Failing Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensors are designed to manage emissions and to ensure the car’s engine functions at optimal capacity. The sensors are constantly monitoring gasses the engine emits. The gas should have an equal ratio of air and fuel. If the engine is malfunctioning, then fuel efficiency drops, and this subsequently leads to reduce fuel economy while affecting the engine’s performance negatively.

2. Ignition Coil Glitches

Ignition coils are meant to ignite the spark plugs by surging the with a specific amount of electric current siphoned from the battery. If the coils or the spark plugs are faulty, then the current that powers the engine is disrupted. Keep in mind that all the parts that make up the car’s electrical system in the engine face significant wear and tear due to the electricity that flows through them.

3. Spark Plugs And Wire Problems

The spark plugs and wires make up a crucial component of the engine’s electrical system. Signs of problems with these parts include erratic engine power, loss of power, rough engine idling, and the engine misfiring or pinging. Failure to have such issues addressed can cause permanent damage to the catalytic converter, and this leads to costly engine repairs.

4. Mass Airflow Sensor Failures

A mass airflow sensor is tasked with measuring the amount of air flowing into the engine. It also calculates the amount of fuel is needed in the mix. If the information collected by the mass airflow sensor is wrong, then the engine control unit is unable to balance the right amount of fuel and air to deliver to the engine. Subsequently, this lowers your vehicle’s engine performance due to the reduced fuel efficiency.

5. Damaged Evaporative Emission Control System

The Evaporative Emission Control System (EVAP) is designed to keep the gas vapors emitted by the gas tank and the fuel system from being released into the air. If your car has EVAP system problems, they might be attributed to leaking hoses, vents, vacuum, or defective valves.

6. Clogged Or Dirty Exhaust Gas Recirculation Components

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation System (EGR) helps the car run smoothly by controlling its emissions. You might have an EGR issue if your engine has rough idling, hesitation, or is misfiring. Such problems often lower the engine’s performance and fuel efficiency. In most cases, you will discover that the cause is that the EGR components are dirty or clogged.

7. Dead Battery And Malfunctioning Charging System

Many of the modern cars have computer systems that monitor the power in the batter and electrical systems. If there is something amiss in the electrical systems, then the computer will activate the check engine light. Keep in mind that the batteries in vehicles age rapidly more so when there are consistently high temperatures in the engine compartment. Professional towing companies are just a call away if your engine fails.

The Top 6 Benefits of Hiring A Great Tow Truck Driver to Tow Your Vehicle

The Top 6 Benefits of Hiring A Great Tow Truck Driver to Tow Your Vehicle

When looking for a tow truck driver, take your time so that you can make an informed decision. One of the most important things to consider when looking for a tow truck driver to tow your vehicle is experienced. This is because an inexperienced tow truck driver may not know how to handle your vehicle and could end up causing further damage to it. Working with the right tow truck driver is beneficial in many ways. Here are the top 6 benefits of working with a good tow truck driver:

1. A Good Tow Truck Driver Will Tow Your Vehicle with Care

Good tow truck drivers care about the vehicles they tow and will try as much as they can to tow vehicles properly. Bad tow truck drivers, on the other hand, may use cheap equipment and don’t care about the condition of the vehicle they are towing. They are only focused on how the vehicle they are towing will reach its destination and nothing else. So, if you are looking for a driver who cares about your vehicle, look for a great one.

2. A Good Tow Truck Driver Has Experience and Knowledge to Tow All Kinds of Vehicles

Your vehicle should be towed by someone who has towed vehicles likes yours before. Such a driver knows how to do the job in the best way possible and in the safest way possible. A good tow truck driver knows the right tow truck for your vehicle, how to hook up and various other things associated with towing. So, such a driver is the right person for the job.

3. A Good Tow Truck Driver Has a Good Sense of Responsibility

Great tow truck drivers are usually courteous to their clients, follow the safety requirements and handle vehicles they are given to tow very carefully. These drivers treat their clients professionally. They try as much as possible to make their clients feel comfortable communicating and reporting problems related to their vehicles. They are good listeners and this helps them understand what their clients need. This enables them to meet or even exceed the expectations of their customers.

4. A Good Tow Truck Driver Knows How to Handle Vehicles Properly

The towing process needs to be done properly as improper towing of a vehicle can lead to further damage to the vehicle. A good tow truck driver knows how valuable a car is and will handle it with care. Therefore, when you choose a good tow truck driver you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will reach where you want it to go without any further damage.

5. A Great Tow Truck Driver Uses High-Quality Tools and Equipment

It is very important to ensure that the tow truck driver you choose uses high-quality tools and equipment. This is because a driver who uses high-quality tools and equipment can do a good job without damaging your vehicle. A bad tow truck driver may use cheap and outdated tools and equipment which can damage your vehicle while it is being towed.

6. Timely Service

A great tow truck driver offers efficient services promptly. This is because such drivers fully understand that their clients need to drive their cars as soon as possible. So, when you hire a good tow truck driver, you will not have to worry about waiting for hours to get behind the wheel. Leahy’s Towing has great and experienced drivers. We are just a call away.

The 5 Essential Pieces Of Coverage In Any Roadside Service Program

The 5 Essential Pieces Of Coverage In Any Roadside Service Program

There are a lot of different roadside service programs available to you, and many of them allow you to pick and choose the specific services you pay for. While this is largely a matter of choosing the package that’s most convenient for you, every driver should consider these five kinds of coverage absolutely essential:

1) Towing

When you suffer an accident or breakdown that makes it impossible to drive your vehicle safety, towing is the only answer. Your roadside service program should include the ability to get your undrivable car off the road. Most programs offer a certain number of miles of towing and may even let you adjust this; select a range that makes sense based on where and how you normally drive.

2) Flat Tire Service

A flat tire is one of the most common single-vehicle road accidents, and it does a fine job of rendering your car immobile. Most roadside service programs will handle flat tires for you and this is usually a default part of the service package. If your program doesn’t include flat tire service automatically, it’s well worth speaking to the providing company and getting it added. Make sure you’re clear on the full extent of the service offered; sometimes your basic service only includes mounting the spare from your vehicle. If your spare is not road-ready, replacing it may incur an extra charge.

3) Jumpstart Service

A dead battery will immobilize your car as surely as a tire blowout or collision. The good news is, there’s not normally any damage to your car. Invest in a roadside assistance program that will send a service professional to jumpstart your car if your battery goes flat. Check your owner’s manual to see what your manufacturer says about jumpstarting, though. Certain vehicles (like some electric cars) should not be jumpstarted. If your car can’t safely take a jumpstart, then (and only then) it makes sense to cut jumpstart service off your roadside assistance plan.

4) Lockout/Locksmith Service

If you’re locked out of your car, lockout service can get you back in. Locksmith service is slightly different; this takes effect when the roadside service provider has to call an outside locksmith to fix your problem. Getting both of these services covered in your roadside service program is a good idea.

5) Fuel Delivery

If you’ve ever run your car dry and faced a long hike to a gas station, you know how helpful it would be to have someone fetch gas. This is a service your roadside program can and should provide. Check how your service provider charges for this; in some programs, you’re responsible for paying for the fuel. Fuel prices are usually taken from the nearest service station. If you ever need roadside assistance you can also call Leahy’s Towing. Give us a call.

Safety Tips For Breaking Down On A Motorcycle

Safety Tips For Breaking Down On A Motorcycle

Nobody enjoys breaking down in their vehicle. However, it’s even more stressful when you break down on a motorcycle. This is because bikes don’t offer the same protections as cars or trucks. That said, here are a few tips if you ever find yourself in need of roadside assistance.

Be Prepared

Before you head out, make sure you’re prepared. You’ll be more exposed to the outdoor elements than you would be if you were stranded in a car or truck. This means you want to have the right gear that is weather appropriate, and you’ll want to have a high visibility vest on-hand. Also, a poncho is good to have because it’ll keep you dry if you break down.

Pull Over And Be Calm

If you breakdown, your best bet is to be calm and pull off to the side of the road, but take your time to come to a slow stop. Remember, the best spot to come to a full stop is the right shoulder of the road, but some highways are extremely dangerous for bikes to breakdown. If you breakdown on a busy road, then pull over to a road that has limited access.

If you are still struggling to find a place to stop at, then keep going until you come to an exit. Stick to the right side of the road. Doing this allows people to pass you easily.

Move To A Safe Spot

When you have pulled over, the next thing you need to do is maintain a safe distance between you and the road. Many vehicles don’t see a motorcycle broken down from afar because of the size of most bikes. This is why you want to be as far from oncoming traffic as possible.

If you’re able, move the bike. However, don’t do it if it puts your safety at risk. You can replace a bike if it becomes damaged by a car, but you can’t replace your life if it is taken from you.

Be Mindful

If it’s dark out, then be mindful of the various dangers. It’s best to turn on all of the bike’s lights if you break down during the evening. This includes the signal light and the hazards. Remember, it is extremely dangerous to be out on a bike in the dark, but it’s even more dangerous when you’re broken down on the side of the road. It can easily become a deadly situation if you don’t remain mindful. Reach out to Leahy’s Towing if your motorcycle fails you, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

How you can save on your Towing Bill

How you can save on your Towing Bill

If your vehicle breaks down, you will already be facing the costs of getting it repaired. Then, the costs of getting it towed to the service station can be a whole other cost that is best avoided. The good news is that there are some ways the savvy motorist can reduce the costs of getting their vehicle towed.

Here are 4 ways to save cash on your towing:

1. Before you Paying, Call up Your Credit Card Company

Don’t get panicky and dial the first towing service. The best thing to do is to consider checking with your credit card company to see if this is a service that they provide. Many credit card companies include services like roadside assistance as one of their additional benefits in their credit card services. If you aren’t sure if this is a service you have available, check with your credit card company before you pay for a towing service and you might find you saved a couple of Benjamins.

2. Check with Your Insurance Company

Another place where it will be worth checking with your insurance provider. You will find that a good portion of insurance companies today include a towing and recovery service in their coverage plan. You could call now to see if you have it or maybe you could have it added for a small additional fee. This can be a big benefit to you if you find yourself stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a broken-down car.

3. Do Some Research

If you find you have no choice but to call a towing service than you should suppress the urge to call the first towing service and request they send out a tow truck. If you are stuck in the middle of nowhere or in a slightly unsafe situation than by all means time important. But, if you have the time to call up a few of the services available, you may find that some have a better price than the others.

4. Get inscribed an Automobile Association

Another great place to find affordable towing services is to already be paying for them by joining an auto association. The annual costs of an auto insurance subscription is $50 – $100. This is, however, a small price to pay for saving time and cash in the long run. Especially if you find yourself stuck far out in the middle of nowhere and in desperate need of good service. Professional towing companies can help with all the towing information you need don’t hesitate to call.

Four Ways In Which Proper Vehicle Tire Inflation Will Assist You

Four Ways In Which Proper Vehicle Tire Inflation Will Assist You

Rather than just being less prone to failure, proper tire inflation has a couple of benefits. Have a look at four ways in which well-inflated tires will be of help to you during your time on the road.

Reduces Rate of Wear and Tear

As stated earlier, deflated tires are at a higher risk of failure. This is as a result of the wear and tear caused, which happens faster than usual. With properly inflated tires, the rate of wear and tear is expected to be slower. Why? This is due to the equal distribution of weight on the tire.

In the case of poor inflation, weight distribution is uneven, making some parts of the tire to bear excess weight. As a result of this, there is fast wearing of tire treads, thus rendering them susceptible to failure.

Enhances Handling

Improper tire inflation could cause tragic accidents. This is because poorly inflated tires make it difficult to control a car on the road. For example, when poorly inflated, tires are unable to make proper grip on the road, and this extends the braking time.

In the first place, those driving with poorly inflated tires are not aware of this, thus they will also not expect the extended braking to stop, the automobile. Mostly in auto accidents, for example, head-on collisions, this brings an evident risk on roads.

Longer Distances Covered

Saving cash on gas! This is the greatest advantage of having properly inflated tires. More miles are covered with properly inflated tires, and this means you visit the gas stations less often. Saves you money! This is the best reason to inflate your tires properly.

Fewer Emissions

Poorly inflated tires, with low pressure, greatly compromise the working of the engine. With this, large amounts of power are required in the engine thus overworking the engine. The outcome is increased emissions in the environment.

As you have found out, inflating tires properly does not only benefit your car in various ways but also is advantageous in keeping the environment clean and safe from emissions. So, next inflate those tires properly, for the sake of the environment or have a professional do it for you. Call us to get your tires in check.

Don’t Forget To Take Care Of These 5 Essential Winter Auto Maintenance Tips

Don't Forget To Take Care Of These 5 Essential Winter Auto Maintenance Tips

Cold weather can result in increased stress being put on your car in addition to a number of different safety problems. Ice and rain make traction and vision a luxury. Here are 5 essential car maintenance tips that should be addressed before the winter weather hits:

1. Engine Oil

It is a good idea to change your engine oil and filter at the start of the winter season. During the winter you should consider using thinner oil, especially if the area you live in has temperatures that drop below freezing. Using modern synthetic oil is also a good idea rather than using conventional motor oil. That is due to the fact that it provides improved anti-protection and oil changes do not need to be made as frequently.

2. Tires

It is critical to have the right tires for driving in winter conditions, especially for drivers who are very likely to encounter snow and ice. Quality all-season radial tires might be sufficient for the purpose of all year driving in areas where snow and ice are just a minor concern. You might need to ensure the tires have plenty of tread. Tires should be checked for their pressure and proper inflation once a month.

3. Battery

During the winter, car batteries need more power in order to get the engine started. It is essential to perform preventive maintenance on your car battery as it can prevent you from becoming stranded in the future. The battery should have at least a 12.4-volt charge and should be topped off to its full level line. It is also important to ensure that the battery cables do not have any breaks or cracks and are in good condition. The connectors should also be clean and have a tight fit with the battery’s terminal posts.

4. Fluids

Your car needs a wide range of various fluids in order to perform properly. Therefore, they should be checked in order to ensure they are at the correct fill levels. Those fluids include power steering fluid, transmission oil, and brake fluid. The windshield fluid should also be topped off with a solution with anti-freeze in it.

5. Exterior Treatments

If the exterior of your car has suffered any damage recently that is in need of repairs, it best to take care of this before winter weather hits. That is due to the fact that cold weather conditions might accelerate any rust or corrosion developing in areas where there are any dents or dings. A good cleaning and polishing of the exterior of your car will provide protection against winter’s harsh elements. Leahy’s Towing can help. Reach out to us so we can help you keep your car winter ready!

5 Reasons to Think About Buying Your Next Used Vehicle at a Lien Auction

5 Reasons to Think About Buying Your Next Used Vehicle at a Lien Auction Through a Towing Company

A great way to get a good used car at a terrific price is to buy it at a towing company’s lien sale. Towing companies have to get rid of the vehicles that are impounded but never claimed by the owner. These companies hold lien sales for this purpose. Here are five reasons to consider buying at these sales:

1) Save Money

The biggest benefit is you can get a decent vehicle for a low price. You can often get a vehicle for much less than you would pay a private seller or a dealer. This is why people who have strict budgets should think about buying at a lien sale.

2) Plenty of Choices

You can choose from a wide variety of vehicles and makes. Find name brands like Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, BMW, Toyota or Mercedes Benz. Choose from vans, cars, and SUVs.

3) Vehicles are Sold in Good Condition

An impounded vehicle may be in great shape especially if the owner maintained it well. Don’t assume that vehicles sold at these sales are beat-up. Many are in good condition and have low mileage.

4) Towing Companies Have Consistent Quality

When a towing company sells vehicles, it knows how to describe them and offer them at appropriate prices. You will be bidding on cars and trucks that you can see for yourself before making an offer. You cannot test drive the vehicle before you bid on it or buy it but you can see it and know whether it is worth it for you to make an offer. Typically, you will pay a fraction of what you might pay through a dealership. Do your best to research the vehicle or vehicles that interest you before you place your bid.

5) Some Towing Companies offer Recourse on Vehicles that Are Faulty

Buy a car from a towing company that has a deal where buyers can recover their funds if the vehicle turns out to be in bad shape. Not every towing company offers a guarantee on a vehicle’s condition but if you find a company that does, consider yourself lucky. You can bet that if you go home with one of the vehicles and it causes you problems you can return the car and get your money back. This makes buying a vehicle at an auction less risky. Consider buying your next car at a lien sale for the above reasons! Leahy’s Towing can give you more info on this type of auction. Call us today!

4 Factors To Keep In Mind When Your Car Breaks Down

4 Factors To Keep In Mind When Your Car Breaks Down

Nobody can predict when their car is going to break down. But when it does happen, there are certain things you want to focus on and keep in mind. They are:

1. Take Note Of Traffic

In the unfortunate event of having your car break down while on the road, your priority should be to get to the side of the road. This is even more important when you are stuck in a section that makes it difficult for traffic to see you in time. Regardless of whether the car breaks down on a busy or small and quiet road, move it to the shoulder by any means possible. If this means pushing the car, turn and keep the steering wheel directed to the side. Also, try to make your car visible by using your hazards or placing traffic cones.

2. Consider Smoke A Warning

When smoke is coming from the hood of the car, it does not necessarily mean the car is going to catch fire. With modern cars, this is a highly unlikely situation. But stay cautious, seeing as you are unable to pinpoint the problem. If there is smoke, don’t take any risks. Just step away from the car and call a professional instead.

3. Do Not Just Exist The Car

In most cases, it is best to wait inside the vehicle until a tow-truck arrives. Unless the situation makes it dangerous, like lots of smoke escaping from the engine, think about staying put. Especially when you are stuck in a high-traffic situation. You do not want to put yourself at risk by standing around areas where cars are moving fast and constantly.

Right now, the danger of surrounding traffic might not sound too serious. But when the scenario happens, it quickly becomes clear why you should always look out for traffic, as pointed out in the beginning.

4. Avoid Repairs Next To The Road

There are several reasons why repairs at the side of the road are not recommended. For instance, you will not be focused on traffic, which leaves you vulnerable and compromises your safety. Secondly, even if you have experience with minor repairs, do you have the right tools at hand? Because you risk causing more damage to the vehicle if you do not drive around with your tools. Unless the problem isn’t common like replacing a flat tire, stay in the car and let professionals at Leahy’s Towing handle it. Give us a call and let us help you with your car needs.

What To Do If Your Vehicle Breaks Down When You Are Out Of Town

What To Do If Your Vehicle Breaks Down When You Are Out Of Town

Solution #1: Have Your Vehicle Towed To Your Home

Paying a qualified towing company to transport your vehicle from where it broke down to your house can be a good option. Having your vehicle close at hand makes it easier to repair since it eliminates the need to travel to the location where you broke down. As long as you hire a towing company that you can trust, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle will make it home safe and sound. The key is to look for a well-respected towing provider with a reputation for providing excellent customer service.

One issue you may run into, however, is finding a towing service that is open to the idea of long-distance towing. Many towing companies only service customers in their local area. You may need to spend some time searching online to find a company that is willing to help. If you have taken the time to establish a relationship with a trusted towing provider already, however, they most likely will be willing to help you out, even if your vehicle is far from home.

Solution #2 – Have Your Vehicle Repaired Wherever It Broke Down

If your vehicle broke down in another city or town, you may prefer to have it repaired their rather than paying to tow it home. It is important to note, however, that you may not always save money by going this route. This is especially true if the repairs will take more than a day. Having to travel back and forth between your house and the location where your vehicle is can add to the total expense. Alternatively, if you decide to wait until your car is fixed before you leave town, you most likely will have to pay for the cost of a hotel, which can increase the total amount of money that you have to spend.

If your car breaks down in the Harrisburg area, you don’t need to worry. Leahy’s Towing is always ready and willing to help, no matter what situation you find yourself facing give us a call today!